5 Tips to Design a Great Farrier Business Card

It might seem a simple task – put your farrier business name and contact information onto a card, and you have a business card ready to go. But when you’re running a farrier business, your business card can be a powerful marketing tool, so you want it to be the best representation of your business possible. Clients may find you when they see your business card on a tack store bulletin board, and if you sponsor a class at a horse show, you’ll often be asked to submit a business card for inclusion in the show’s brochure. The better your business card looks, the better your farrier business will look.

Here are some tips to ensure your card looks just great.

Incorporate Your Branding

Your business card is part of your marketing materials, so you’ll want it to feature the same branding that’s on your website, on your van, and on your brochures. This begins by including your business logo, but you’ll also want to incorporate the fonts and colors that you use in your other business materials.

Think Clean and Easy to Read

It can be easy to get swept away by fancy business cards with vivid photos and bold fonts. However, if clients can’t read the text on the cards, their effectiveness is lost.

If you do want to incorporate an image, then make sure that the card is still easily readable. Generally, it’s best to go for a clean look with clear lettering in a color that’s easy to read. Try to choose a dark font on a lighter background, because it’s easier for people to read than a lighter font against a darker background.

Always print out a test card and make sure that it’s as easy to read as it appears on the computer screen.

Go Double-Sided

Consider investing in double-sided cards. They’re a bit more expensive than single-sided cards, but there are tons of ways you can use the backside of the card. Consider including information about your referral program to drive referrals. Or include information about the different services you offer. You might also format the back of the card to serve as an appointment reminder for clients. If you do this, just make sure you choose a matte finish so you can write the appointment date and time onto the card.

Find a Way to Stand Out

If your card is up on a bulletin board with many others, then you want it to stand out. Find something unique you can do with your card, whether it’s the inclusion of bright colors, or maybe an unusually sized business card. Some printers even offer business cards printed vertically or cut into different shapes, both of which can help your card to truly stand out.

Proof, Proof, Proof

Order a proof of your business cards and then show it to as many people as possible. Ask for feedback about the card’s appearance, its readability, and any formatting or spelling issues that may be present. When you’re working on your card, it becomes difficult to spot the errors yourself because you’ve become too familiar with the information. Friends and family can help you to spot issues before you send the cards to print.

Business cards may appear to be basic marketing tools, but they’re highly valuable for farrier businesses. These tips can help you to design a card that will serve your business well.