6 Content Ideas for Your Farrier Business Facebook Page

6 Content Ideas for Your Farrier Business Facebook Page

If you want to grow your farrier business and engage your current clients at the same time, then you may want to focus on your farrier business’ Facebook page. Facebook pages allow you to connect directly with your followers, and can be a valuable marketing tool to help you bring in new clients, too.

Want to ramp up your Facebook page, but are you wondering just what you should be posting? These six content ideas will help you get started.

Tips and Tricks

Your clients are horse owners and riders, and hoof care is a complicated subject. Many horse owners will be thrilled to learn some of your hoofcare tips and tricks. Think about the tips that you’re aware of, but that your average horse owner might not know. Do you have a great way to treat thrush, or a never-fail method of keeping snowballs from forming inside hooves? Share them with your Facebook followers.

Hoof Progress Studies

Want to provide your followers with informative content while making a subtle marketing push for your business? Post hoof progress studies, including before and after photos. Be sure to provide some commentary on the initial problem and the strategy involved. These studies aren’t just interesting for clients, but can also help to build their trust in you.

The Farriers App’s hoof photo storage feature makes capturing initial and progress photos easy. Once you use the App for a few months, you’ll find you have tons of photos to choose from. Just make sure to always get the horse’s owner’s permission before posting photos publicly.

Industry News

Sharing industry news about farriery and hoofcare is another great strategy for your page. If you happen upon new studies, methods, and other news that your clients may be interested in, share them on your business page.

Behind the Scenes Insights

Facebook can be a great way for potential and current clients to get to know you. Behind the scenes photos and insights can help with this. If you’re headed to a conference, a show, or a training, post about it.

Fun Photos

While you don’t want to overdo it, the occasional fun photo is usually a bit hit with Facebook users. Did you capture a great photo of a client’s horse? Has a client taken a funny photo of you at work? Ask their permission to share the photo on your page.

Marketing Content

While your priority should be to provide valuable content to your followers, it’s important to also include some marketing posts on your Facebook page. If you’ve decided to take on new clients, are filling spots at a show, or have other business news to share, make a post promoting your business. If you have a website, directing Facebook followers to your site or encouraging them to contact you can be an effective business marketing strategy.

Making the most of your farrier business Facebook page takes a little bit of time and practice, but these content ideas can help you to get started. Pay attention to what people respond to, and adjust your content as you go to best appeal to your audience.