Equine Business Management: 4 Ways to Bring In New Clients To Your Farrier Business

One of the keys to good equine business management is knowing how to market your farrier business. Even when your client roster is full up, good marketing will keep your business in demand, so if clients do leave, you can quickly fill those vacant spaces.

How well are you bringing in new clients? Equitotal has come up with four tips to help you consistently bring in new farrier clients.

Establish a Client Referral Incentive

Referrals can be an excellent source of new clients, but don’t sit by and just let referrals happen on their own. Creating an incentive to encourage clients to refer you to others can help drive referrals. Incentives can be just about anything, such as a discounted appointment for any new client they refer, a gift card, or something else that works for your business model.

It’s important to promote this referral incentive, too. Consider adding a line about it to the bottom of your invoices, or at least make a point of telling clients about it during appointments.

Partner With a Vet

If you haven’t done so already, partnering with a local veterinary practice can be an excellent way to continuously gain client referrals. Vets frequently have clients with horses in need of specialized, quality farrier work, and if a vet knows and trusts your work, you may find yourself gaining new clients.

If you haven’t yet done so, make an effort to connect with the vets in your service areas. Keep in mind, though, that partnering with a vet isn’t a quick process. Approach connecting with vets as the first step in fostering an ongoing relationship. By taking the time to build a quality relationship, you may become the vet’s go-to farrier for clients in need of help.

Get Creative With Your Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of equine business management. However, if you’re like many equine business owners out there, chances are you’re under utilizing marketing.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to market your farrier business well. You do need to put a little effort into your marketing, though, and you need to do this on a regular basis. Simply setting up a Facebook business page can help to spread local awareness of your business, but there are other important marketing techniques out there. Always carry business cards, consider sponsoring a class at a local horse show, and take out an ad in a local horse or agricultural publication. There are many ways to market your farrier business in order to cultivate new clients.

Streamline Your Business With The Farriers App

Finally, don’t forget the importance of The Farriers App in bringing in new business. There’s nothing worse than doing the legwork required to get new clients, only to overwhelm your schedule or find that you simply don’t have time to add in the new business.

Use The Farriers App to improve your scheduling, maximizing your productivity and allowing you to take on those new clients that you’ve worked so hard to get. The App has a map function that can help you better plan out your appointments for less travel time, meaning you have more time to spend working on horses and can even potentially add on new barns or new territories.

Be sure to register for your free 30-day trial of The Farriers App now . It takes just a few minutes, and we don’t even collect your payment information up front.

How will you work to bring in new clients for your farrier business?