How The Farriers App Can Give You A Leg Up On Other Farrier Business Competition


Are you looking for a way to help your farrier business stand out from the crowd? Setting your business apart from others can give you a real advantage, and can mean that you attract more clients. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go through expensive rebranding or any crazy changes to help your business stand out from others. The Farriers App can help you do just that. Here’s how.

Get Truly Professional

Digitizing your business with The Farriers App instantly gives you a more professional appearance. The App allows you to send out electronic invoices with your logo on them. Plus, you can tell at a glance who has paid and who hasn’t, so you’ll stay right on top of invoicing.
Clients are also sure to appreciate the fact that you always have their horse’s history right at your fingertips. It’s just one more way you can show them that you’re invested in their horse’s care.

Offer Horse Owners Advantages

The Farriers App doesn’t just streamline the administrative side of your business – it actually allows you to offer horse owners advantages, too.
With The Farriers App, you can store hoof photos and videos, so you can compare hoof progress and reference previous hoof conditions. By sharing these photos with your clients, you can allow them to see their horse’s progress at a glance. It’s also a great educational opportunity to show clients the difference that certain trims, shoes, and adjustments make in their horse’s well-being.
The Farriers App also stores digital reports that you can draw on. You can then send these reports directly to clients, trainers, vets, and anyone else involved in a horse’s maintenance or care. These reports can be an excellent way to keep clients up to date if they’re not able to be at their appointments. They also add to the professionalism of your business, and are an easy way to keep vets updated on a horse’s progress.

Make Appointments Convenient

The Farriers App also makes appointments and scheduling convenient for your clients. At the end of each appointment, you can easily jump ahead by any designated number of weeks in the calendar to set up the next appointment in just seconds.
But that’s just part of it. The Farriers App also sends out email and SMS appointment reminders. Your clients won’t have to worry about being caught off-guard or missing an appointment, since they know they’ll get a reliable reminder from you. It offers them peace of mind, and makes your services that much better.
Getting The Farriers App
Have you signed up for your free 30-day trial of The Farriers App yet? It only takes about a minute, and we don’t even collect credit card information. You can put the App to work for your business commitment-free for 30 days. So go ahead, register for your trial now and see the difference The Farriers App can make in your business.