Farriers App Can Help You Manage a Multi-Van Business

How The Farriers App Can Help You Manage a Multi-Van Business

Running your farrier business is no small challenge, but when you’re managing a multi-van business with multiple farriers, things get even more difficult. Not only do you have to track expenses, mileage, and income for your own work, but suddenly you have to manage other employees.

But The Farriers App can help. In fact, this must-have App can make managing a multi-van business easier while also saving you valuable time.

Keep All Vans On Schedule

With the multi-user version of The Farriers App, all users – all of your farriers – have access to their own calendar. The calendar makes it easy to see your schedule at a glance, so you can schedule appointments appropriately, make sure you’re on time, and use your time as wisely as possible.

Keep Track of Your Entire Team

The primary user of the multi-user version of The Farriers App has access to additional features that are designed to help you better manage all of the farriers and vans in your business. You can see vehicle tracking information so you know where your team members are.

Additionally, the database download feature makes it easy for you to see all of the relevant information for your business in one place. There’s no chasing down receipts or getting income figures from each farrier – the App gives you all of this information in a concise, organized location.

Save Time

Of course, you and your team will enjoy all of the other great features that The Farriers App offers. Consider the time-saving benefits of:

  • Automatic appointment reminder emails and SMS messages, so you don’t have to perform client reminder calls
  • Electronic invoices that take seconds to create and can be sent at the push of a button
  • Mileage tracking features so you don’t have to worry about tracking your travels with pen and paper
  • The ability to photograph and digitally record receipts – no more shoe boxes of receipts that you have to sort through come tax time
  • In-app payment option for credit card payments, and the ability to see which invoices are paid versus unpaid

The Farriers App can save you time, make your bookkeeping more accurate, and make tax time easier. Just think of what you could do with 15, 20, or 30 extra minutes per day. Plus, it’s ideal for multi van farrier businesses, since it tracks important details about your business and helps you to keep your entire business coordinated and on task.

Get Your Free Trial of the App

Want to give it a try? You can get a free 30-day trial of The Farriers App now. We don’t require any credit card information for the trial, and give you the App to use with your business during the trial. Sign up for your trial now and see the benefits the App provides to your farrier business.