How The Farriers App Can Improve The Quality Of Your Farriery Work

There are countless advantages to using The Farriers App for your farrier business. The App makes for streamlined invoicing, better record keeping, easier scheduling, and more. But did you know that the App can also improve the quality of your farrier work, meaning you’ll be offering your clients better service?

Here’s how.

Access Hoof History at the Touch of a Button

One of the many beneficial features of the App is that it allows you to store hoof history, hoof photos, and hoof videos. You can keep records for multiple horses right in the App on your phone, and can retrieve this information at the touch of a button.

There’s no digging through your computer before an appointment, and you’ll never be without the detailed information that a horse’s hoof history can provide you. If you’re trying to remember a style of shoe that you used, what a hoof issue looked like a year ago, or which hoof blew an abscess six months back, the App can store all of that information, so you can move forward with each appointment.

How Hoof History Improves Your Farriery Work

Having a horse’s hoof history right in your phone can have a significant influence on the quality of your work.

• When you take on a horse that has been referred by a vet, you can access your notes and photos immediately. This detailed information ensures that you are applying the correct strategy when working with the horse, following the vet’s instructions.
• In working with horses that need corrective shoeing, you can track the horse’s progress by taking and storing photos during each appointment. You will be able to visually see the progress that the horse makes, and can even share that progress with the horse’s owner and with the vet.
• If you find yourself struggling to remember what shoe style a particular horse did best with last winter, or for the last show season, you can find that information without trial and error.

With hoof history, hoof photos, and even hoof videos stored in The Farriers App, you can:

• Spot small changes in the hoof that might have otherwise gone unnoticed
• Access valuable information about a horse’s history that might have been forgotten
• Track and measure a horse’s progress over months or years
• Accurately follow a vet’s detailed recommendations
• Show horse owners how their horses are progressing under your care
• Never confuse one horse with another again

Keep in mind, the ability to store horse hoof history is just one of the many features The Farriers App offers. The App can truly transform and improve your farrier business.

Don’t have The Farriers App yet? Download your 30-day free trial now.. You can put the App to use in your business, risk-free. We’re so confident that you’ll love the App that we don’t even collect credit card information upfront.

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