Reasons to Launch a Multi-Van Farrier Business

Do you currently have more clients than you can handle on your own? Are you thinking of launching a multi-van farrier business? Expanding your business is certainly a big step, but running a multi-van business can also be rewarding in many ways. Here are the top 4 reasons why you may want to take the jump into running a multi-van farrier business.

Create a Business

As a farrier, you’re self-employed and work independently. If you stop working, your business stops making money. But when you expand to a multi-van business, that changes – if you’re injured and need to take some time off, your other farriers can provide some coverage, and you’ll still have money coming in.

As you age, you may decide to scale back a bit, but could feasibly keep overseeing your multi-van business. Done well, it’s a sound investment.

Take Time Off

It’s far easier to take some time off when you have other skilled farriers in your business you can depend on to cover for you. Imagine going home at the end of the day or heading off for the weekend without having to worry about if you’ll be called in for an emergency. With multiple farriers, you can cover for each other and all reap the benefits of being able to take uninterrupted time off.

Expand Your Geographic Coverage

With more farriers, your business will have greater capacity. Having already run your business for years, you likely know the geographic areas where there are clients in need of a quality farrier. A multi-van business can allow you to expand into these areas, building your business and your income.

Build a Great Team

Running a farrier business solo can be a lonely profession, especially when you’ve done it for years. Having the support of your team can be helpful in many aspects of your business. Your team provides valuable social interaction, and having great team members can make challenging days a little bit better. You’ll need to carefully choose the people that you hire for both their skills and their personalities, and it will take some time – as well as a bit of trial and error – to find a team that works well together. But once you do, your farrier team can lead to relationships that will last for life.

If you decide to launch a multi-van farrier business, then staying organized is key. The Farriers App can help to keep you and your team on task and in touch with each other. Download your free 30-day trial of The Farriers App now to see what it can do for your business.