Should Your Farrier Business Be On Facebook?

Websites, blogs, social media, and even print advertisements. There are countless different ways to market your farrier business, and only so many hours in the day. But when it seems like everyone is on Facebook, it would seem that your farrier business should be there, too. Right?

Not exactly. There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that will work for every business, and ultimately you need to do what’s right for your farrier business. Here are a few points to consider about getting your business up on Facebook.

Social Media Takes Time

Setting up a Facebook page for your business is just the first step of a long process. Building your page’s audience takes time, and it can feel particularly slow-moving in the early stages when your posts are seen by just a few followers.

Not only does it take time to build a Facebook audience, but your Facebook profile will require your time to update it. If followers comment on posts, it’s important to respond to those posts promptly. Plus, you need to keep your page active with new updates. If you can’t make that time commitment, it may be better to bypass Facebook for now.

Where Are Your Clients?

Facebook is only a useful marketing method if your current and potential clients are spending time there. Otherwise, your Facebook page won’t reach the people you need to engage with.

During your appointments, ask your clients whether they’re Facebook users. Try to get a sense of where your audience is active before you dedicate yourself to one particular social media platform.

The Future’s Uncertain

Facebook has repeatedly changed its algorithm, which makes it more challenging for business pages to reach their followers with posts and content. Remember that when you sign up for Facebook, you’re investing your time and effort in a platform that you don’t own. Facebook may change its algorithm and policies again in the future, restricting business page further and requiring financial investments to boost the reach of your posts. While Facebook is a great marketing tool for some businesses, it’s important to realize that a policy change could affect or restrict you from reaching that hard-earned audience.

Alternative Options

Just because you choose not to create a Facebook page right now doesn’t mean that you won’t have marketing options for your business. Investing in a website, which you own and maintain, may be a wiser investment than spending time on Facebook.

The Farriers App Can Help

If you decide to give Facebook a try, The Farriers App can help. Because the App stores hoof photos and videos, you have a great source of potential post material right at your fingertips. Just be sure to get the horse owner’s permission before posting photos or case studies of their horse publicly.


Ultimately, you need to do what you feel is best for your business. Think about the amount of time you have available, as well as where your audience is located and how you want to go about building your business when you consider marketing strategies such as Facebook.