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3 Simple Tasks You Can Do to Keep Your Farrier Business Clients

When you run your own farrier business, you not only need to worry about finding new clients, but also about retaining the clients that you currently have. If you offer quality services, then many clients will stay on with your business, but there are a few little extra things that you can do that will really make your business stand out. Consider these three ways you can encourage your clients to stay with your business.

Perform Appointment Reminder Calls

Many clients appreciate receiving appointment reminder calls a day or so before their appointment. These reminder calls can help to prevent forgotten appointments and scheduling issues, and clients won’t find themselves caught off-guard or inadvertently missing an appointment that they’ve forgotten about.

While appointment reminder calls are an important aspect of running your farrier business, they’re also time-consuming. That’s why we designed The Farriers App to take care of this task for you. The App can send out automated email and SMS messages to your clients, reminding them of the upcoming appointments. There’s no need for you to even pick up the phone – the App will take care of it all for you.

Show a Client Their Horse Matters

You have many clients and many horses to take care of, but it’s also important to show clients that their horses matter to you. Clients want to know that you’re giving their horses attentive care, even if you are shoeing dozens of horses per day.

You can demonstrate your care for a client’s horse in a number of different ways. First, make sure that you’re not just going through the motions, especially with a horse that you’ve been shoeing for years. Take a little extra time and check the end result to make sure that you’re pleased with the job.

If your client expresses a concern, then listen to them and offer your thoughts. If a horse is lame or footsore, taking a few extra minutes to watch it move shows that you genuinely care and want to help the owner solve the issue. And if you notice issues as you work on the horse, like joint inflammation or unusual stiffness, share these with the owner.

The Farriers App can also help in this area. The App can store hoof photos and videos, allowing you to chart a history of each horse. Taking the time to do this, and then showing the client the information on their horse’s progress is a great way to show the extra effort that you put into their horse’s care.

Communicate With Your Client’s Vet

If a horse has a lameness issue that a vet is working to correct, you’ll likely be expected to communicate with the vet. Clients will appreciate knowing that you and the vet are working as a team, and with digital draw-on reports in The Farriers App, that communication is easy. You can highlight details on the reports for an accurate, written record that can then be sent to the vet. It’s easy, professional, and efficient.

When it comes to keeping your farrier business clients, these three small efforts can go a long way. What little extras do you include in your service to make yourself stand out from other farriers?