4 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Farrier Business

Could some of your habits be harming your farrier business, rather than helping to build it up into a success? When you’re running your own business it can be easy to overlook things, but these 4 mistakes could be costing you money, productivity, and even clients.

Are you making any of these 4 mistakes?

Poor Communication

It can be difficult to stay in touch with clients when you’re busy, on the road, or working on horses. But client communication is important, and if clients don’t hear from you for extended periods of time, they may feel undervalued and may start to look for a new farrier.

The Farriers App can help to make client communication easier. You can store clients’ information right in the App, so you’ll always have the phone numbers you need on hand. Plus, the App can send out appointment reminder email and SMS messages for you, so clients are receiving important reminders even if you didn’t have to take the time to send them, yourself.

Poor Scheduling

How well do you manage your schedule? Do you strategically schedule clients so that you don’t have to backtrack and cover extra miles in between appointments? If not, you could be spending more time on the road – and putting more miles on your truck – than you need to.

With The Farriers App, you can see a map view of your appointments, so you can more strategically schedule and manage them. Plus, the comprehensive calendar allows you to see all of your upcoming appointments so you don’t overbook or double-book yourself.

Invoicing Mistakes

Could you tell right now which invoices are unpaid and which accounts are up to date? Do you know how much money you’re currently owed by clients? Are your invoices accurate?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, then The Farriers App is just right for you. The App allows you to create digital invoices in just seconds. You can take payments (even credit cards!) right at the time of the appointment, and can see at a glance which invoices have been paid, and which haven’t. Plus, your year-end bookkeeping is far easier with these accurate digital invoice records.

Wasted Time

How much time do you spend on admin tasks during your workday? Whenever you’re messaging a client, writing up a report, or drawing up an invoice by hand, you’re wasting valuable time. Instead of spending your time on these tasks, reclaim your time by using The Farriers App. The App offers valuable time-saving features such as:

  • The ability to draw right on digital reports
  • Digital invoices that you can resend to clients with the touch of a button
  • Mileage recording
  • Recurring appointments for simplified scheduling
  • And so much more

Ready to give The Farriers App a try? You can download it now, risk-free, for 30 days. Put the App to work for your business and see the difference it can make. Sign up for your free 30-day trial now!