4 Strategies for More Effective Invoicing for Your Farrier Business

You might not think much about your farrier business invoicing, but truth is, invoices are an important part of your business. If you’re quickly writing up invoices after each appointment, you might be missing out on some of the ways that you can make your invoices more effective so that they work better for your business.

Consider these 4 ways you can increase the effectiveness of your invoicing.

Go Digital

Paper invoices? They’re not super practical. They can be easily lost, they’re time-consuming to write up, and if you have a client who hasn’t paid, you have to take the time to write out and mail another invoice.

Digital invoices are a much better alternative. They’re easy to send – just email them off and the client will receive them almost immediately. Plus, with The Farriers App, you can input your most common services and their corresponding costs. This means creating an invoice can be done with just the push of a button, saving you valuable time. If a client loses their invoice, all you have to do is email another one over, and following up on unpaid invoices is just as easy.

Incorporate Branding

Can a client immediately tell that an invoice is yours? Incorporating your farrier business logo and other elements, like colors, is an important part of your overall business branding. The Farriers App allows you to create invoices that include your farrier business logo at the top, making for a professional, easily recognizable invoice.

Itemize Invoices for Large Accounts

When you’re working with a big barn or yard, it can be helpful to provide an itemized invoice that details the services (and their costs) that each horse received. This is particularly true when the stable itself pays you directly, then invoices individual clients. This is simple to do when you’re working with digital invoices, and your big barns and yards will appreciate your extra effort in helping them stay organized.

Implement Accurate Tracking

Can you tell at a glance which invoices are paid and which aren’t? Do you regularly follow up on unpaid invoices, or do you find that they pile up and stretch on for weeks – or months? Invoices are only effective if you track them, and that’s one feature that The Farriers App does oh so well.

With The Farriers App, not only can you track which invoices are paid and unpaid, but you can even take payments right through the App. Being able to accept credit card payments isn’t just convenient for your clients, but it also encourages immediate payment at the end of each appointment. There’s no more excuse of “I forgot my checkbook,” and you can get paid right away.

Want to give The Farriers App a try and put it to work for your business? You can download a completely free 30-day trial of the App to see just how it makes invoicing and running your business easier. Download your free trial now.