4 Ways to Make Your Clients Love Your Farrier Business

Want to turn your farrier business clients into long-term clients? Want to make your business stand out from the other local farriers? Then put these four strategies to work to make your farrier business one that your clients will love.

Schedule Appointments and Stick to Them

At the end of each appointment, schedule your client’s next appointment. Then, keep the appointment. Sure, things come up and sometimes you need to reschedule – but avoid repeatedly rescheduling the same client’s appointments. By making and keeping appointments, you’ll increase the professionalism of your business, and will make it easier for clients to fit appointments into their schedules, too.

With The Farriers App, it’s easy to make – and keep – appointments. The App’s calendar can automatically schedule clients out by 6 or 8 weeks, or by some other present increment. It takes just seconds.

Remind Clients of Upcoming Appointments

An appointment reminder call may seem like a little thing, but it’s a courtesy that many clients appreciate. Performing appointment reminder calls ensures that clients aren’t caught off guard when you arrive, or worse, miss the appointment entirely.

It’s time-consuming to perform reminder calls, and that’s why we designed The Farriers App with the ability to send automated email and SMS reminders messages. You won’t have to get on the phone, but your clients will still enjoy the convenience of an appointment reminder.

Make Paying Easy

How many payment methods do you currently accept? By pairing The Farriers App with a payment processing service, you can accept credit cards at the time of each appointment. Providing this extra payment option makes it easier for clients to pay, ensuring that you get paid on time and they’re not left scrambling to get cash to the barn for each appointment.

Show Clients You Value Their Horses

A client will realize that their horse is just one of many that you see, but they’ll also appreciate you taking a little extra effort to show that their horse’s health and soundness matters to you. There are a few ways you can do this, but one of the most effective ways is to use The Farriers App to take and store horse hoof photos and videos. You can bring these records up at any time and you and your client can reflect on the horse’s progress together.

Which of these tips will you implement to help make your farrier business stand out from the competition?