The 5 Best Investments You Can Make in Your Farrier Business

Whether you’re just starting up your business or have been working for years, there are always ways to improve and invest in your business. Thinking of making an improvement to help grow your farrier business? Here are 5 great investments to consider.

Your Branding

You don’t necessarily need to go all-out when it comes to branding your farrier business, but some basic branding practices will help. Create a logo, a business name, and decide on some branding colors that will represent your business. Then, put them on everything, including your truck, your website, your business cards, and your invoices. This branding helps potential clients to recognize your business at a glance, and if you’re marketing your business and include this branding on ads, it will give your marketing a cohesive feel.

It’s a well-accepted marketing rule that it takes multiple impressions before a potential client will be moved to take action (like calling you for more information or to set up an appointment), so this cohesive branding is a great investment.

Your Truck and Equipment

Investing in a quality truck and equipment is a must. A clean, well-organized truck shows that you take your business seriously, and makes a positive impression on clients. Plus, your business is your livelihood – you wouldn’t want to go to work with sub-par equipment. It may cost a bit more, but quality equipment is generally more durable and makes your job easier. Anything that can save your body some strain or pain is well worth the cost, especially in this industry.

Your Education

Never hesitate when it comes to investing in your skills and education. Attend conferences, workshops, and courses that will help you to do your job better. These investments can pay off with huge rewards, since you’ll have more skills to market and can potentially get new clients as a result.

Your Network and Relationships

When it comes to networking and establishing relationships in the equine industry, all you have to invest is some time. Developing your network is an important technique that can lead to new clients down the road. Take some time to stop in and visit with local vets, network at local barns, and attend conferences to expand your network and keep yourself visible in the local equine scene.

The Farriers App

This one’s easy: Invest in The Farriers App! This App is a must-have for any farrier, because it saves you time but also increases your professionalism. Clients will love being able to pay with credit cards at the time of the appointment, being able to see hoof photos and video history of their horse’s progress, and receiving email and SMS reminders about upcoming appointments. You’ll save time on invoicing, tracking receipts and expenses, scheduling appointments, and so much more.

Try The Farriers App for free for 30 days. This risk-free trial allows you to put the App to work for your business, so you can see just what a great investment it is. Sign up for your free trial now.