5 Tips for a Successful First Appointment with a New Client

Your first appointment with a new client is an important time for both of you. It gives you a chance to get to know each other and make sure that you’re a good match. It’s also a great time to provide some information about how you work, what the client can expect, and to set up yourself up for a successful business relationship with the client.

Here are 5 ways to ensure the first appointment goes smoothly.

Set Out Your Expectations

During the appointment, you’ll need to make some time to talk about your expectations in working with the client. Specify where you’re comfortable working on a horse, your policies about having someone present to hold the horse, and any other information you feel the client should know, such as asking them to have the horse’s legs cleaned off if it’s muddy out.

Explain How You Operate

No two farriers run their businesses the same way, so take some time to explain how you operate your business. Give your new client some information about how and if you can be reached in emergencies, how you handle thrown shoes, and how you handle vacations and times when you’re out of town. Providing this information can give your client peace of mind, while also showing that you take your business seriously.

Be Upfront About Prices

Be sure to give your client information about your rates. A printed rate card can be a simple way to do this, but make sure that it includes a date and specifies that the rates are subject to change. If you offer discounts to clients for referring new business to you, this is a great time to mention that offer.

Get Background on the Horse

You’ll be able to gather plenty of information from just looking at the horse, but taking a little extra time to talk with the client about their horse’s history and current use is beneficial in a number of ways. Not only might the client have valuable information that can help you to do a better job when working on the horse, but having a detailed discussion with the client will help them to see that you genuinely care about the horse’s well-being and take pride in your work. Don’t forget to specifically ask about behavioral issues, especially during past farrier appointments, since this information could help to keep you safe.

During the first appointment, take some photos of the horse’s hooves and store them using The Farriers App. You can then later reflect on those photos to show the client the horse’s progress under your care. Taking the time to photograph the horse will make a great impression on clients and shows that you take your work seriously.

Introduce The Farriers App

Your first appointment with a new client is also a great time to tell them about The Farriers App. Give clients a heads-up that they’ll receive email and SMS messages to remind them of upcoming appointments. You can also tell clients that the App allows you to email invoices, that they can pay with credit cards at the time of the appointment, and that they can even approve future payments so they don’t necessarily have to be on hand at the appointments.

Your first appointment with a client is a valuable time to connect and communicate. How do you currently approach initial appointments?