5 Ways Attending a Farrier Conference Can Help Grow Your Business

5 Ways Attending a Farrier Conference Can Help Grow Your Business

Attending a farrier conference is a great way to further improve your talents as a farrier. But it’s also a great investment in your business. If you decide to attend a conference, use these 5 tips to get the most out of the experience and to help grow your farrier business.

Choose the Right Seminars

Most conferences offer a great selection of seminars, lectures, and other educational opportunities. They cover everything from marketing strategies to new shoeing techniques to the latest in horse health research. Choose some seminars that you’ll really benefit from. Think about the areas and topics that you’re weakest in, and look for seminars that will expand your knowledge and push you out of your comfort zones in these areas. If you can learn a new skill that will make you a more versatile farrier, then you can potentially grow your business as a result.


Take advantage of the opportunities that farrier conferences offer you to network. Connect with other farriers and meet up for lunch to talk business practices, marketing techniques, and tips and tricks. Be sure to approach speakers with follow-up questions and to get their contact information for the future. Whereas the farrier career is often a solitary one, conferences provide you with a valuable opportunity to connect with and learn from others in the industry.

Hone Your Skills

Want to put your skills to the test and receive some critique from top-notch farriers? Then take advantage of the workshop and competition options that some conferences offer. Competing or taking part in a hands-on workshop gives you a chance to receive valuable critique and feedback, which will only improve your skills and make you a better overall farrier. Plus, if you win a competition, you have a great piece to add to your marketing materials and website.

Pay Attention to Marketing Strategies

As you attend seminars and interact with other farriers, pay attention to how they market their businesses. What are they doing differently to set their businesses apart, and how do they connect with new potential clients? What can you do differently to set your own business apart from competitors?

Check Out the Vendor Area

Taking the time to connect with vendors at conferences is another great way that you can grow your business. Vendor areas are full of new, innovative products that can save you time, increase your productivity, and allow you to do a better overall job.

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Looking to find a great conference? Be sure to look into some of our favorites below.

Which conferences are on your list to attend this year?