5 Ways to Continue to Improve Your Talents As a Farrier

Your farrier business is only as good as your farrier skills are. And since we’re constantly learning more about hoof care and discovering new techniques, it’s important to continue to develop your talents. These 5 methods will help you to do that, even when you’re working full-time.

Work with a Coach or Mentor

If you’re early on in your career, it’s a great idea to work with a coach or a mentor. (Though a coach or mentor may also be beneficial even later on in your career.) If you’re still in school, ask a professor if they can connect you with a practicing farrier who may be willing to act as a mentor or coach. You may also be able to approach someone on your own; just make sure that they have a great reputation, as you only want to learn from the best.

Attend Clinics

If you’re looking for a hands-on learning opportunity, a farrier clinic may be the perfect option for you. Clinics give you a chance to learn in a small group and often focus on a particular skill or topic. Sometimes local veterinary practices how farrier clinics and other continuing education opportunities; check in with local vets and hospitals to see if there are any upcoming clinics available.

Go to Conferences and Conventions

Farrier conferences and conventions offer a great opportunity to learn from experts and to see all of the new products available through trade shows. Lectures, demonstrations, and discussion panels will quickly update you on the newest advancements and technology.

Some of our favorites include:

Chances are that no matter where you live in the world, there’s a great conference or convention nearby.

Review Your Own Work

Studying your work over time can also be a great learning opportunity. With The Farriers App, you can store horse hoof photos and history so that you can easily review a horse’s progress. If you’re working with a mentor, reviewing these photos can also give some insight about your strengths and ways that you can improve.

Subscribe to Industry Publications

If you haven’t yet done so, then subscribe to farriery publications. There are many quality publications out there, and some organizations will even give you free subscriptions with your membership. Farrier publications can help to keep you updated on important news and advancements that can help you to advance your skills.

What methods do you currently use to make sure that you keep improving your talents?