5 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service to Your Farrier Business Clients

5 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service to Your Farrier Business Clients

Customer service is a must-have skill for any business owner, but it’s often overlooked, too. How are your customer service skills when it comes to your farrier business? Check out these five tips to see if you could be doing something better.

Ask Clients Why They Hired You

One way to get a great idea of what you can do to offer great customer service is to ask your clients why they hired you. Even more insightful? Ask them why they fired their previous farrier. This question can give you a great sense of what clients are looking for when it comes to shoeing and appointments, and you can be sure to incorporate these elements into your business.

Encourage Questions

If clients feel like their questions are annoying you, they’ll quickly start to feel shut off. Work to create the opposite effect. Encourage questions and offer to educate your clients. This is particularly valuable when you’re trying a new shoeing method or working to create a problem. Explaining the reasoning behind the choices you’re making can help clients to better understand what’s going on with their horse, as well as to better appreciate the work that you’re doing.

Arrive On Time

Make every effort to get to each appointment on time. If an emergency comes up and you’re running behind, always call your client and let them know. There’s nothing worse than a farrier who’s hours late, or who doesn’t show up at all. Show your clients that you value their time by being courteous with your scheduling and letting them know if you’re running late.

Treat Horses with Respect

You always need to stay safe on the job, and sometimes you need to do some training or disciplining of misbehaving horses. Keep in mind, though, that one common complaint clients make about farriers is over-disciplining horses.

This can often be solved by talking with your clients and giving them particular tasks both during and after the appointment. Show them some training techniques and ask them to work with the horse in between appointments. This won’t work with every situation and requires a client who’s involved and willing to do the work, but it can help in some instances.

Use The Farriers App

The Farriers App can help you to provide excellent customer service in multiple ways:

  • Automated email and SMS appointment reminders ensure your clients are never caught off-guard
  • An easy scheduling tool means you can quickly and conveniently schedule future appointments
  • The ability to take different payment types, including credit cards, right at the time of the appointment makes paying convenient for clients
  • The hoof video and photo storage option helps you to show clients that their horses’ wellbeing is your priority

That’s just a few of the things that The Farriers App can do. Want to try it out? Sign up for your free 30-day trial now, and see how the App not only saves you time, but allows you to provide superior customer service, too.