5 Ways to Better Organize Your Farrier Business

Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to running your farrier business? Do you know how much inventory you have, how many outstanding invoices are waiting on payment, or how busy your schedule next week is? If not, then it’s time to get organized. These five tips can help.

Master Your Schedule

Make organizing your schedule a priority, because when you have an organized schedule, you can better deal with other challenges of running your farrier business.

If you haven’t done so already, then it’s time to create a comprehensive calendar that shows not just your farrier appointments, but also your personal scheduling commitments, too. Then, find a way to keep this calendar with you all the time.

The Farriers App makes this easy. The App contains a calendar that you can use for both personal and business appointments. It’s easy to schedule a client’s next appointment with the push of a button, and you can even use the map view to get a sense of how to best schedule your local appointments to minimize travel time.

Get on Top of Invoicing

How organized are your invoices? Do you have clients falling behind on their payments? It’s so important to come up with an effective invoicing system that you’re comfortable with. The Farriers App allows you to see all of your invoices at a glance, and you can quickly see who’s paid and who hasn’t. Plus, with electronic invoices, you can send an invoice out in just seconds, and can re-send it as a reminder just as easily.

Maximize Your Business Deductions

Are you missing out on important tax deductions, like travel mileage or purchases you forgot you made because you lost the receipt? Deductions can add up throughout the year, so create a system that ensures you can accurately track and record deductions. The Farriers App allows you to take a photo of any receipt and store it away, so there’s no more worrying about tracking paper receipts and your deductions stay organized.

Communicate with Your Team

If you’re running a multi-van farrier business, then great communication is key to keeping your team organized. You’ll need to keep in touch about everything from schedules to invoicing, and The Farriers App can help you to do it. With the App, you can keep track of your team’s progress, no matter if they’re just down the road or working in the next county.

Work with Your Bookkeeper

Taking a bit of time to meet with your bookkeeper can pay off by saving you both taxes and time. If you haven’t yet done so, talk with your bookkeeper about deductions, the best way to track your income, and how to easily present that information to them at tax time.

The Farriers App is a great way to help keep you organized, and it makes tracking deductions and income simple and easy.

Want to see how The Farriers App can better organize your business? Sign up for your free 30-day trial now. The trial is completely risk-free – we don’t even collect payment information, so there’s no need to worry about cancelling before you get billed. Sign up for your trial of The Farriers App now!