Gain New Farrier Business Clients

5 Ways to Use Promotional Materials to Gain New Farrier Business Clients

Could your farrier business benefit from new clients? Growing your farrier business isn’t as challenging as it may seem, especially when you know how to effectively use promotional materials, like flyers and business cards. Here are 5 ways to put promotional materials to work for your business.


Looking for an affordable, simple way to advertise your farrier business? Draw up a flyer and post it in local barns, tack stores, feed stores, and other areas that your potential clients frequent. Your flyer doesn’t have to be complex – in fact, clean and simple flyers are often easier to read than more complicated pieces.

Be sure that your logo is clearly presented on the flyer, and that your copy explains just what you’re offering. Try to include some information about what makes you different from other farriers in the area, whether it’s your specialization, your talents, or some other factor that sets you apart. It’s this special factor that will prompt people to contact you.


Advertising in local equine publications may also help to get you new clients. It’s best to have a designer create the advertisement for you, since it can get tricky to create an advertisement that will reproduce well in print. Include some sort of incentive, such as a discount for first-time customers, to help encourage readers to take action and contact you for an initial visit.

Business Cards

Your business cards are a powerful marketing tool if they’re designed correctly. You want your cards to clearly incorporate your business branding elements, like your logo and any branding colors you use. If you can come up with a way to make your business card a little bit unusual, like purchasing cards that are unusually sized, this can also help your card to stand out from others.

Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles can help to bring your business to a new audience. Consider contributing an article to a local equine publication. Covering a topic that horse owners will be interested in, like managing soft hooves or the best methods to promote healthy hoof growth will give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge. When you target this content to your local community, readers may choose to contact you for hoof care.


Having a website isn’t necessarily essential to marketing your business, but it can definitely help. A website is a great centralized location for information on your business. It’s easy to include on your other marketing materials, and a clean, professional looking website gives potential clients an easy way to learn a bit more about your business before contacting you.

When it comes to marketing your farrier business, you want your branding to be consistent in all of the promotional materials that you use. The Farriers App can even incorporate your logo onto your invoices, so every element of your business is cohesive.

Effective marketing takes multiple techniques, so be sure to use various promotional materials and ways of reaching your potential clients. Social media, blogs, flyers, and more can all be used in conjunction to reach your audience multiple times.