How The Farriers App Can Improve The Quality Of Your Farriery Work

There are countless advantages to using The Farriers App for your farrier business. The App makes for streamlined invoicing, better record keeping, easier scheduling, and more. But did you know that the App can also improve the quality of your farrier work, meaning you’ll be offering your clients better service? Here’s how. Access Hoof History at the Touch of a Button One of the many beneficial features of the App is that it allows you to store hoof history, hoof photos, and hoof videos. Read more [...]

How The Farriers App Can Help Keep Your Clients Happy

  Keeping your clients happy can benefit your farrier business in many ways. It’s easier to work with happier clients, your job will be more enjoyable, and happy clients are likely to recommend you to others. And if you want to keep your clients happy, there’s one super simple way to do it: Get The Farriers App. Four Ways to Use The Farriers App to Keep Your Clients Happy Avoid Scheduling Errors With the App’s calendar function, you can schedule and manage appointments Read more [...]

The 4 Best Ways to Handle Price Raises in Your Farrier Business

Price raises. They’re something that every equine professional has to deal with, but that doesn’t make them pleasant. While price raises are absolutely necessary in order to stay profitable, it’s almost certain that clients will be upset and push back against the changes in your rates. However, these four tips can help to make price raises easier on your clients, keeping your farrier business profitable while minimizing negative client reactions. 1. Warn Clients Ahead of Time One of the Read more [...]

4 Self-Care Techniques for Farriers That Can Keep You in Business

When you’re running a busy farrier business, it can be easy to get swept along in your daily schedule. Things get hectic, and soon you may find yourself working longer hours, missing meals, and feeling short on time. This can leave you tired, prone to making mistakes, and performing at a level that isn’t your best. If you want to keep your business performing well, then these 4 self-care techniques are a must. Maximize the Effect of Your Working Hours There are only so many hours that Read more [...]

How The Farriers App Can Improve Your Farrier Business

  Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had an assistant to help you with your farrier business?Not necessarily someone to help with the hands-on work, but rather someone to take care of the administrative work that goes along with running a farrier business? They could book appointments, send out reminders to clients, track your mileage, monitor invoices, and more. Well, that assistant is here. The Farriers App can do all of those tasks and more. I created the Farriers Read more [...]

Introducing: The Farriers App, Version 2.0

  Owning, managing, and running your farrier business can leave you short on time, and sometimes things get missed. Unlike other professionals, you don’t have a receptionist to track your upcoming appointment, or an assistant to follow up on unpaid invoices. It’s all on you, and there are only so many hours in the day. When a working farrier expressed these frustrations with me, I realized that there had to be a better solution, and set out to find it. Now, two years later, I Read more [...]