4 Ways Farriers Can Make Their Accountant’s Job a Little Easier

Tax time is hectic for accountants, and if you’re not well-organized, then you’ll make your accountant’s job more difficult. Want your accountant to look forward to you showing up with your tax information each year? Then consider these 4 tips. Keep Receipts Organized and Labeled Keeping track of receipts is one of the most arduous tasks of owning a farrier business, but it’s absolutely necessary. Every receipt you have increases your deductions, minimizing the amount of tax Read more [...]

5 Essential Stress-Relief Tips for Farriers

Do you find yourself constantly trying to keep up with your farrier business while balancing it with your life? Running your own business is a major source of stress, and when your schedule is tight and you’re juggling commitments, that stress can get worse. That’s why we’re sharing five essential stress-relief tips just for farriers, so you can start putting these tips to work today. Get Control of Procrastination One of the greatest sources of stress is procrastination. Catching up Read more [...]

How The Farriers App Can Give You A Leg Up On Other Farrier Business Competition

  Are you looking for a way to help your farrier business stand out from the crowd? Setting your business apart from others can give you a real advantage, and can mean that you attract more clients. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go through expensive rebranding or any crazy changes to help your business stand out from others. The Farriers App can help you do just that. Here’s how. Get Truly Professional Digitizing your business with The Farriers App instantly gives you Read more [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Digitize Your Farrier Business

Have you digitized your farrier business yet? It might seem like a big leap to make at first, especially if you’ve gone the traditional route of handwritten invoices, a calendar that you carry around in your truck with you, and a list of your mileage routes. But there are actually many reasons why you should digitize your farrier business. Here are just a few. 1. Improved Accuracy Going digital can increase the accuracy of your business. With The Farriers App, you can tell at a glance who Read more [...]

How to Turn Your Clients Into Your Best Marketers

  When it comes to building your farrier business and bringing in new clients, you actually have a phenomenal marketing strategy right at your fingertips. It’s your current clients. Learning how to Make Your Business as Professional as Possible You want your clients and veterinarians to think highly of your farrier business, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to make your business as professional as possible. With The Farriers App,, you can send out invoices incorporating Read more [...]

5 Ways to Revive Your Farrier Business

Rough times and challenges are part of being in business. That said, they’re not easy to get through, and you may feel like giving up on your farrier business when you’re going through a particularly rough time. The good news is that many of these challenges can be overcome, and in most cases you can revive your farrier business. These five tips can help you get started. 1. Partner With Another Farrier No one will better understand what you’re going through than another farrier. Consider Read more [...]

Equine Business Management: 4 Ways to Bring In New Clients To Your Farrier Business

One of the keys to good equine business management is knowing how to market your farrier business. Even when your client roster is full up, good marketing will keep your business in demand, so if clients do leave, you can quickly fill those vacant spaces. How well are you bringing in new clients? Equitotal has come up with four tips to help you consistently bring in new farrier clients. Establish a Client Referral Incentive Referrals can be an excellent source of new clients, but don’t Read more [...]

Tips for Dealing With Difficult Clients in Your Farrier Business

  At some point, you will need to deal with difficult clients in your farrier business. It’s not something that any of us enjoy, but the better you learn to deal with these situations, the better your overall business will be. These tips can help you to work with difficult clients, arriving at a solution that works for everyone. Four Tips to Help You Deal With Difficult Clients 1. Put the Horse First A client’s priority is to ensure their horse receives the best care, and often Read more [...]

4 Ways to Ensure Your Farrier Business Isn’t Being Over-Taxed

  Paying taxes is a standard aspect of owning any business, but do you know if your farrier business is being over-taxed? Missing out on deductions and forgetting to list expenses can spell lost money, especially when the issue continues from year to year. These four tips can help you ensure that your farrier business is being taxed fairly, and that you’re not paying more than you should be. 1. Start With a Visit to Your Accountant First, schedule a meeting with your accountant Read more [...]