How to Stay On Task with Your Farrier Business

When running your farrier business, do you often find yourself running on limited time, trying to get too many things done, and generally feeling disorganized or stressed? It’s a pretty common situation for small business owners to find themselves in, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. These tips can help you to keep yourself on task each and every day.

Create Goals

Goals can be powerful tools that can help you to stay on task, rather than being overwhelmed by the amount of work that you have to do. Create and log goals for each day, week, and month in your business. These can be small goals, like catching up on your daily invoicing, or larger goals, like bringing in a certain number of new clients within the month.

Record your goals in a journal or on your phone, and refer to them to keep yourself motivated, organized, and making progress in your business.

Determine the Issues You’re Facing

If you find yourself getting off-track, then try to pinpoint just what is causing the issue. Are you feeling overwhelmed by a busy schedule? Are you trying to do too many things at once, or are you playing catch-up after being out of work for a few days?

Once you’ve identified these issues, try to come up with solutions. Maybe you need to reassess your business plan, your policies, or even how you manage your farrier business schedule. A few small changes may leave you feeling more organized and better able to stay on task.


You can only do so much in the course of a day, and if you’re trying to take care of all of the aspects of running your business, you’re bound to fall behind. Delegating some of your duties can help to free up some time, so you can focus on shoeing horses. Consider enlisting the help of an accountant, a bookkeeper, or even an apprentice to help you better manage your business tasks.

Get The Farriers App

The Farriers App is an innovative, low-cost app that makes for a great investment in your farrier business. This App can save you time on the administrative tasks that go along with business ownership. For instance, the App can take care of your appointment reminder emails and texts. It allows you to send digital invoices in just seconds, and keeps your schedule handy for easy reference throughout the day.

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