How to Use Photos to Promote Your Farrier Business

When you’re working on a horse, stopping to take photos is probably not high on your priority list. But photos are important tools that can help you to promote your farrier business. Here are four ways you can use photos to promote your business, as well as some tips on getting the photos that you need.

Business Cards

Want to quickly catch the attention of a prospective client? Put a great photo on your business card. A colorful, eye-catching photo will help to gain attention, so your card stands out from all the rest. This can make a difference when your card is on a bulletin board at the local tack store, and it’s a great way to make a good first impression.

Social Media

Social media is largely image-driven. Quality photos will help to keep people from just scrolling past your posts. When it comes to social media, don’t worry about every photo being aesthetically perfect. This is a good place to post behind-the-scenes photos of your work, a glimpse into your life, photos of clients’ horses, and even some photos of your own horse. You get to let your personality come out a bit, and photos can help to do that.


When it comes to your website, a few quality photos can make a big difference. You’ll definitely want a quality headshot, but you’ll also want a few photos that show your work. These don’t have to be professional shots, but they should be in-focus and well-lit.

Case Studies

It’s great to have photos for case studies, whether you post them on your website or on social media. Case studies can help convert potential clients to new clients, and can build your reputation among local vets, too.

A good case study will need multiple before and after photos. If you can get photos chronicling the different stages of the horse’s progress, that’s even better.

Getting the Photos You Need

Don’t have photos? That’s okay, many farriers don’t. But now is the time to start gathering them.

It’s pretty easy to gather case study and behind-the-scenes photos. Any decent phone with a good camera on it means you’ll be able to take photos nearly anytime that you’re working. The Farriers App even has a hoof photo storage option. This feature is perfect for case studies, since you can look back at a horse’s progress through the photos that you’ve taken.

If you’re looking for photos that are suitable for use on your website or on a business card, you’ll probably want something a little more professional than a cell phone photo. Most DSLR cameras are capable of taking such a shot. If you have a certain image in mind, then it may be worth calling in a friend with a camera to set up a quick photo shoot.

Keep in mind, too, that if you’re photographing a client’s horse, you need to ask their permission to use those photos for any kind of promotion. If you’re planning to include the photos on a business card or on your website, it’s best to have them sign a standard photo release that gives you permission to use the images for marketing.