Introducing: The Farriers App, Version 2.0

The Farriers App


Owning, managing, and running your farrier business can leave you short on time, and sometimes things get missed. Unlike other professionals, you don’t have a receptionist to track your upcoming appointment, or an assistant to follow up on unpaid invoices. It’s all on you, and there are only so many hours in the day.

When a working farrier expressed these frustrations with me, I realized that there had to be a better solution, and set out to find it. Now, two years later, I am thrilled to release the latest version of The Farriers App with you.

How The Farriers App Began

In designing the app, I wanted to give farriers, solutions to the common challenges they faced in running their business, and I wanted those solutions to be easy to use and access. I also knew the solution needed to be affordable and convenient, so you could take it along with you wherever you go.

The Farriers App is like a personal assistant who helps you run your business. It’s packed with useful features, including a mileage tracker, in-app invoicing, storage for hoof photos and videos, and easy appointment scheduling. And it’s all on your phone, so you can access this important information absolutely anywhere. Best of all, the App is available at a fraction of what you would pay for even a part-time assistant.

Developing The App

I worked with farriers to develop an app with features to help run their business. Professional UK farriers have been using the first version of the app for over 18 months. With their feedback, we started working on Version 2, which we are now readying for a late summer release.  

And because of interest in the App from equine professionals in North America, Europe, and Australia, I incorporated multi-currency options and additional features. The App is useful to equine professionals worldwide. New users just select their profession and location at setup to get a version of the app that is customized for their profession.

Why The Farriers App Is a Must for Your Business

The Farriers App is real-world tested, and farrier-approved. The Farriers App is a must-have app for farriers, and whether you’re just starting out or want to cut down the administrative portion of your thriving business, this app will help.

We will be rolling out the all new version 2.0 shortly. You can put the app to work for your business, risk-free, for 30 days. We’re so certain that you’ll love it that we don’t even collect credit card information up front. You can  register for your free trial here, and it just takes a few minutes to get going.

The Farriers App is the result of years of work and testing, and it just may be the change that you need for your business to see increased productivity, profits, and client satisfaction.