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All of your business in one place
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The Essential App for Farriers

“This has changed my life”       “I don’t know how I managed before”       “I love it, it’s a real pleasure to use”

Calendar Management

Stay on top of your appointments. At a glance see what’s coming up. Save time!


No more end of year panics. All of your invoices and purchases in one place. Bookkeeping savings!


Quick and easy payments for your customers. They love it, no more chasing payments. Save money!

  • Easy set up
  • Email and SMS appointments and reminders
  • Delete appointments
  • Recurring appointments for weekly visits
  • Easy Invoicing with your logo
  • Multi User
  • Receive Payments

  • Horse history
  • Store hoof photos and videos
  • Digital, draw on, reports
  • Monthly accounts for big barns / yards / stables
  • Navigate straight to your customer
  • Mileage recording
  • Any device


Established in 2016 and V1 launched 2017. It was originally the idea of a farrier who worked at the Queens Stables.

The App is now available in 10 countries and has proved to be very stable with our subscribers completely relying on it to run their businesses.

V2 is now available with a completely new look and lots of improvements.

We hope you enjoy using it and welcome any improvement suggestions.

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The App has made mine and my clients lives so much simpler. Its easy, quick and very professional. I no longer have people saying they forgot the day, time, cash or grooms forgetting which horses I was treating that day.

It enables you to work like a big business, be professional but all from one little app! I cannot recommend it enough to Therapists, Farriers, Coaches etc… You can spend more time doing what you do best, and less time stressing!


Been using the App for 18 months can’t believe how I managed before. It’s made everything so much easier and I’m now really organised. I would never go back to the old ways.


My customers love it, and thanks for implementing the improvements I suggested.

Cliff Andover

    Past Events

  • AFA Annual Convention, USA
  • Danish Hoofcare Event, Denmark
  • Équi-meeting maréchalerie, France
  • Farrier Focus, UK
  • Handmade Shoes Autumn Clinic, UK
  • Luwex Hufsymposium, Germany
  • Werkman Spring Games, Netherlands

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All of your business in one place Free Trial
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